Hi, Captivating Creative.

We love your creative energy. We admire your drive to improve the world around you with your constant flow of ideas and your ability to inject a sense of freshness into every project you take on. You captivate customers by understanding what they want, then you convert complex details into an attractive and compelling message using that inherent imagination. You see the world as your canvas. We like that. We like that a lot.

Our mission revolves around servicing the requirements of our creative community of jewelers, metalsmiths and artisans. Our product development team caters to our customers’ needs by designing thousands of innovative products that are manufactured right here at Rio. Our marketing creatives communicate with our customers through channels such as web, email, print and video. You see, it takes creativity to promote creativity and that’s why you’re so important to us.

Are you a creative thinker with interests outside of marketing and product development? We get that, too! We are looking for talented associates willing to harness their skills and take charge of their careers. We expect everyone to contribute to the success of our company and the satisfaction of our customers. Sound interesting? Check out our open positions and reach out—let’s see if there’s a match.